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My name is Artur and I'm the blog author. As you can see in domain name I will be writing about my developer life.
Daily I'm working as .NET developer and I spend a lot of my time with web technologies so there will be a lot of articles about my work.
I don't know if every post will be available in English because sometimes I will write about things which concerns only Polish market but if I will have enough time I will try writing in both languages.
Thank you for your visit and I hope you will find something interesting to you here.
If you have any questions or attentions please feel free to contact with me.
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Upload your files with React JS and .NET Core Web API

Hi! Today I would like to show you how you can upload files with React JS and .NET Core Web API. I created this article because a few days ago I had similar task in my work and I found nothing interesting about this solution in Internet. So maybe this short article will be helpfull […]

Created on 21 June 2017
Comments: 4

React with ECMAScript 6 in ASP.NET Core – Part I

Hi everyone. This time I would like to introduce you to my tutorial about ReactJS with using ASP.NET Core. A few weeks ago, I’ve started a project which uses .NET Core. There was required a simple UI in the application. In case like this I’ve always used AngularJS, but this time I thought it’s good […]

Created on 11 May 2017
Comments: 1